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Hi! I am Arunava Basak. I am an Artist and designer from India. I work as a full time UX Designer and a fine artist who takes interest in portraiture and figurative art.




Instances from when I was making ‘The Sadhu’. Original Image from Unsplash.

I have been in an explorative state in terms of art and enjoy them in each of their unique form. One form that has stuck with time for me is portraits and figurative art due to its close connection to people. It helps me connect to my inner self and also help me understand others better.
I have been making portraits for quite some time mostly in graphite and charcoal. Quite recently I started painting and I love the adventure!

Portrait Art

Pencil and Chalk Portrait of a Girl by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Graphite and Chalk Artwork of an old man by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Wedding Gift for Couples | Pencil Sketch by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist, The Bong Artist
Birthday gift for friend, Pencil Drawing Gift by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Commissioned Portrait Artwork by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Graphite and charcoal portrait of a man by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Graphite and charcoal portrait by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Wedding Gift for Couples | Made by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist, The Bong Artist
Anniversary Gift for parents , Couples Portrait by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Portrait Gift for friend, birthday gift for specials by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist

My recent Portrait Artwork











Stage-wise rendering. Graphite, Charcoal and white chalk on Grey toned paper. Reference Photo credits : Charles Deluvio

Portraits handcrafted with depth of life and realism. You can order yours now. Shipping worldwide.

What I'm Upto

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Large Scale Art

Chalkboard Art, Mural, Installation or anything big. Make your space livelier with Large scale Artworks.

Chalkboard Art for Focuz Studios

Chalkboard Art for Focuz Studios

Play Video

A beautiful video made by Mr Chandru Bharathi, Focuz Studios, Chennai.

Chalkboard Art project done for Focuz Studios.

Chalkboard Art for Studio, large scale art by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Menu Chalkboard Art, Chalk Artwork by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Story Telling Chalk Art by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist
Inspiration Artwork for Workplace by Arunava Basak , TheBongArtist
Coffee Chalkboard Art for Studio by Arunava Basak, TheBongArtist

Images from the project. Chalkboard Art for Focuz Studios. A Wedding Photography/ CInematography Studio.

I'm always up for some Art Challenge! Let's do this.


Kavish testimonial_edited.jpg

Kavish Doshi

(Ordered a portrait that went to Canada)


Basak's work brings every expression/part on the picture to life. He is such a clever and a dedicated artist. I would have a house full of his paintings if I could.


Order a custom hand-made portrait.

Get large scale artwork made for your space


Are you an Artist? Let's connect and collaborate.



Design is not Art. It is a form of problem solving that goes unnoticed when done well. That's the beauty of it.
I have luckily found UX design as my Ikigai and it has constantly helped me with challenging myself to solve diverse set of problems which exist in real life. Click "Know more" to get a gist.

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