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Arunava Basak

My Story

Hi! I am Arunava Basak. I am an Artist and designer from India. I work as a full time UX Designer and a fine artist who takes interest in portraiture and figurative art.

My journey as an artist started when I was a kid and in school. I used to be the happiest when I painted or made a sketch. Many say that "whatever you used to do when you were young and loved doing so, that’s your passion". Well, it’s true. Art is my passion and making Art makes me feel better than anything.

After graduating from school, I joined an Engineering college in Vellore (VIT) where I was behind getting my degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering. Through out my time in college, I realised one thing strongly. That, Engineering was not for me and I didn’t see any future scope in that line. Fortunately during my college time I started sketching again and got recruited in a club The Fine Arts Club (TFAC).

Few paintings from 2012, when I was in school. I have lost many pictures

Pencil Drawings
Pencil Drawings
Pencil Drawings

Pencil Sketches from early college years (2015) when I rediscovered my love for Art. The horse was the first drawing with my Art Signature.

The Fine Arts Club, TFAC, VIT Vellore

Kalakriti, an Art exhibition hosted by The Fine Arts Club. You can find me in Pink. You should definitely check them out.

In TFAC I made many Like minded friends, and we all would take the nights out of our hostel and make art. I had the best time in college when I was working on Art that would be seen by thousands in the campus during our college festivals. We also went on trips to other colleges for Art competitions. I even was the PR of this club for the last year which allowed me to handle the social media handles to tell stories about the club through Instagram and expand its reach.

The Old Man Drawing | TheBongArtist
The Indian Gypsy Artwork | The Bong Artist
Wine artwork | TheBongArtist

Artwork I worked on later during my College years (2015, 2016). All made for practice purpose from references on the Internet.
Made using Charcoal, Sepia Pencils and Coloured pencils respectively.

This whole experience made me really realise that Art is very important for me and makes me the happiest. During my placements, I didn't really click with any company that needed developers. I waited and waited, and finally got into a company which needed UI/UX designers. During my time, I used to explore a lot of things starting from different coding languages to different design softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and even After Effects. This gave me an edge to get the job and I was happy to take it as it was the closest I would get to Art.

Arunava Basak, The Bong Artist
Arunava Bask, The Bong Artist

My first work trip to Malaysia to lead an application's UX/UI design. Kuala Lumpur is such a great city and Genting is just breath-taking! 

During my time in the job, I extensively worked on Logo and graphic designs, Making Animated Videos for promotions, leading applications' UI and UX design, working on Games and Also making promotional Videos. This was really perfect for me to explore and learn a lot of diverse things. In the end Art and UX Design has been the most interesting of them all and I work on both professionally. 

Currently I work as a full time UX designer for endurance group, Mumbai and as an independent fine artist. 

Arunava Basak, Workspace

My Home Office Desk which is one of my favourite places.

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