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About me as a designer

Wireframing and brainstorming for a website

Wireframes and brainstorming on the TBA website before being designed and developed.

I am a designer who specialises on UX/UI or User eXperience & User Interface, and works on Animation, Graphic design & Illustrations, and also on Video by the side. I like to call Design as a structured art-form in itself, which essentially requires solving one or multiple design problems.
When I started out my design career, I knew very little of how design worked and what it meant to be as a designer. I got into a company which hired designers, and that was as close to art that was being offered. Through my exploratory journey, I have learnt that design is not Art. It is about solving real life problems as effectively & efficiently as possible, and being creative helps in the process. I have also learnt that as a designer, you have to care for the users at most because once you care for them & design, they understand and link to your offerings better. It's all about having empathy towards them, understanding their needs and making their lives a little better & frictionless with the experiences you craft and deliver.
I take design very seriously as I know how daily interactions and frustrations can feel on the user side when something doesn’t work as desired. I take simplicity and a structured designed approach by heart, and try to design as intuitively as possible.

My Design DNA

A Projection of my properties as a designer. I would define myself as a M shaped designer who is specialising on UX/UI, Arts, Story Telling and have complementary skillsets to give a big picture result. read more about the importance of working with a M shaped or T shaped designer here

Art & Crafting



Graphic Design & Illustration

UX ( User Experience Design)

UI ( User Interface Design)

Animation & Video Making

Digital Marketing

Writing & Communications

Skills and approach

My Design Approach

The quality of design depends more on the overall approach & planning than on how good you execute a single step. The reason being, one step affects the other vastly. My general defined approach goes in the following way. With different project types, small modifications may be required to execute the project’s design effectively.


Analysis, Understanding the problem and the test users, creating audit after which an impactful solution can be defined.



Defining the solution and creating scope of work, timeline & Strategy, and realising stakeholders & establishing communication channels.



Work on the UX/UI designs together with the client in a collaborative manner to lead towards design completion.


Test the designed prototype with the users to see how it performs to validate assumptions and improve design accordingly.



Handoff designs and support the dev/execution team to understand the design and the working to help deliver adequate finished results.


Repeat Cycle

Design is sometimes a repetitive process. There is a need to see on how things worked out, and further improve designs based on User feedback and analytics.


Tools I use proficiently

Figma UI/UX design tool


Final Cut Pro - A Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro

Sketch UI/UX design tool


Adobe After Effects - A VFX and Animation tool

After Effects

Adobe XD UI/UX Design Tool

Adobe XD

Trello A Project Management Software



Office Suite for designers

Office Suite

Adobe Illustrator A vector graphics design tool


Notion - A productivity tool


Experience & Portfolio

Work Experience

I have worked as a PR, a designer and an artist. I have led designs for Local and International Clients working as a solo designer in most of them. I have made promotional videos & animations single handedly, and I’m constantly pushing my boundaries to understand a diverse point of view on design to see the bigger picture in everything, and connect the dots better & faster. You can find my work journey by downloading my resumé.

UX / UI Design Portfolio

A view on different approaches for different project types and constraints. These are some of the selected projects out of many I worked on.


for previous company

22 dec 2019

Design Platform


Product Design

Design Thinking


for previous company

22 dec 2019


Brand Value Alignment


Low Time Budget

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